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Subject: CNN Mike "lock him up" Flynn worried he and son will go to prison
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Subject: CNN Mike "lock him up" Flynn worried he and son will go to prison
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During the election, Flynn ran around chanting "lock her up" in
reference to opponent Clinton.  But he, and his son, might be
the ones going off to prison as a result of possible illegal
acts.  Both are under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Interviews conducted by special counsel investigators have 
included questions about the business dealings of Flynn and his 
son such as their firm's reporting of income from work overseas, 
two witnesses interviewed by the team told CNN. The Foreign Agents 
Registration Act (FARA) requires people acting as agents of 
foreign entities to publicly disclose their relationship with 
foreign countries or businesses and financial compensation for 
such work.

In Congress, his activities have attracted the attention of the 
House oversight committee. The panel's top Republican and Democrat 
made a stunning announcement in April after their own inquiry: 
Flynn likely broke federal law by taking a paid speaking engagement 
in Russia without US government approval, and he hid the payments 
from FBI investigators reviewing the security clearance he is 
afforded as a retired lieutenant general.

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