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Subject: Re: Today's premieres and other notes (Friday, Nov. 10)
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Subject: Re: Todays premieres and other notes (Friday, Nov. 10)
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robin.miller@invalid.invalid wrote:

>Blazing Transfer Students   [new; complete season 1]     (3:01 am, Netflix)
>Dinotrux Supercharged       [new; complete season 1]     (3:01 am, Netflix)
>Glitter Force Doki Doki        (complete season 2)       (3:01 am, Netflix)
>The Killer [aka O Matador]     (movie)                   (3:01 am, Netflix)
>Mea Culpa (Alexis de Anda)       (comedy special)        (3:01 am, Netflix)
>Lady Dynamite        (complete season 2)                 (3:01 am, Netflix)
>Amazon comedy pilots: Sea Oak, The Climb, and Love You More 
>(3:01 am, Amazon Prime)
>Marvel's Inhumans       (season 1 finale)                (9 pm, ABC)
>Road Less Traveled             (movie)                   (9 pm, CMT)
>ToyMakerz               (season 2 premiere)              (8 pm, Velocity)
>Extreme Cake Makers      [new]                   (11 pm, Cooking Channel)

Looks like today is a good day to have a session with my PT...

Dems & the media want Trump to be more like Obama, but then he'd 
have to audit liberals  & wire tap reporters' phones.