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 BTR1701<address_is@invalid.invalid> wrote:

> Ian J. Ball<IJBall@mac.invalid> wrote:
> > 
> > Gotham - "Stop Hitting Yourself". An episode that's actually very light 
> > on Gordon, as we focus on the "fight club" where Grundy, Riddler and 
> > Dr. Leslie are hanging out. Penguin orders the female trio of Barbara, 
> > Tabby, and CatGrrl to go to the club to pinch Riddler. But there, Tabby 
> > discovers that "Butch" is still "alive", and Barbara discovers that 
> > Leslie has been hangin' out there, so they get sidetracked. Eventually, 
> > Penguin sends Firefly(?) too, when the three ladies "fail" in their 
> > mission's time-limit, but Leslie and the three babes stand up to 
> > Firefly, and save Riddler. Now the three dames are off Penguin's 
> > payroll, and Leslie is running the fight club.
> > Meanwhile, Gordon displaces Bullock as Captain, after Gordon loses 
> > faith in Bullock.
> 'Cause that's how cop shops work: if you lose faith in the boss, you can
> just take over and replace him.

Well, they sort of almost reasonably set it up.

Commissioner McMillan calls in Gordon.  Hands him a piece of paper 
making him a Captain (it requires Gordon's signature at the bottom to 
take effect, which seems sort of wonky).  Apparently the promotion 
requires taking over the precinct, as if these things are inseparable.  
Gordon says he won't do that to Bullock.  Mac says Bullock is gone 
either way, and the other candidates for Captain are all in P.N. Guin's 
pocket.  The Commish tells Gordon he can think about it.  Gordon finds 
Bullock drunk and skirting his duties, so he signs the paper.  My 
complaint is that he didn't sit Harvey down and tell him what was going 
on first.

Now, if you want to complain about something, how about the bullets?

Last week a bunch of cops got shot.

They have a ceremony where each injured cop gets presented the bullet 
that was dug out of them, now gold plated.

Bullock has the bullets in a lovely presentation box, all unmarked as to 
which is which.

And they haven't caught the guy that shot (most of) the cops yet so ... 
these are evidence in an active cop killing investigation!!!

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