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Subject: Re: Historian David McCullough to Republicans in Congress: 'Stand up' toPresident Trump
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Subject: Re: Historian David McCullough to Republicans in Congress: Stand up to
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>The Pulitzer Prize-winning TV author of the biographies Truman 
>and John Adams is most definitely not a fan of Trump’s 
>presidency. He believes the former reality-television star 
>and real-estate mogul is devaluing the dignity of the Oval 
>Office through his actions and misstatements about basic 
>facts.  "It’s as if we put someone in the pilot seat who’s 
>never flown a plane and who doesn’t seem to know where we’re 
>on our way to, and who frequently tells us either inaccurate 
>or grossly misleading information about how the flight is 
>going," he said. “Irresponsible words matter, and it cannot 
>be permitted to go on."  But the historian is in some ways 
>more upset with members of Congress, particularly Republicans, 
>for not forcefully reining in their president. 

Yet he had no problems with Obama and Crooked Hillary's lack of 

And you posted this off-topic article here because?

Dems & the media want Trump to be more like Obama, but then he'd 
have to audit liberals  & wire tap reporters' phones.