From: Obveeus <>
Subject: Re: Today's premieres and other notes (Friday, Nov. 10)
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Subject: Re: Todays premieres and other notes (Friday, Nov. 10)
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On 11/10/2017 3:01 PM, Obveeus wrote:
> On 11/10/2017 2:11 PM, Robin Miller wrote:

>> Amazon comedy pilots: Sea Oak, The Climb, and Love You More (3:01 am, 
>> Amazon Prime)
> I wonder...are these dead shows walking (given that Amazon is changing 
> their style) or are these examples of the new style (widely watched 
> shows) that Amazon hopes to create.

I just answered my own question by watching one of the pilots...


Spoiler below...
LOVE YOU MORE:  Bobcat Goldthwait is the director, but not on screen 
talent.  Loni Anderson plays 'lonely old lady roommate'.  The series is 
a comedy where most of the cast members have downs syndrome.  Sexual 
harassment and gay bashing are covered topics.  The main character is a 
large, promiscuous woman (played by Bridget Everett) leading a mundane 
life.  Her best friend is gay.  Her guy of the day offers up the 
episode's full frontal (prosthetic) nudity and fails to make sure she 
swallows that morning after pill.  Her second guy of the day is 
Australian and cannot act.  All of the above isn't even the best part, 
though.  The best part is that in the middle of the episode there is a 
musical number in which the lead character walks around a mall wearing 
only a bra as a top and singing about the shape of all the other women's 
breasts.  The whole thing has sort of a UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT feel 
to it.  I'd watch more, but I am also quite sure that this isn't part of 
Amazon's new direction towards wide audience programming.  If they are 
serious about that quest, this show has absolutely NO shot at being 
picked up to series.