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Subject: In case you think 100% female DW fans are enthralled wi th a female Doctor at the helm
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Subject: In case you think 100% female DW fans are enthralled wi th a female Doctor at the helm
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Let quote a female Doctor Who Fan:

Frankly, I don't think some people realize just how sadistic the Radical Left are! Those who sadly
think they were born the wrong sex/gender don't realize that this is an scientific impossibility.
And never mind about the gender role crap! Men can be stay at Dads and Women can be Nuclear
Physicists. So that whole "gender role" thing is just a moronic smokescreen and a highly insulting
one at that. 
Now if you'll forgive me for sounding a bit insulting but there are those on the Radical Left with
High IQ'S but no common sense (hence the term pinhead) who think of themselves as the
"Intellectually elite" and those with lower IQ's who agree with that with which the stuck-up,
pompous elite CHOOSES to share with them are regarded as "Useful Idiots". They're told just enough
to be convinced that THEIR side is the correct side and that those who don't agree with them are
evil, selfish, overly-judgemental, etc, etc ad nauseum! The usual B.S that makes gullible fools
angry and eager to endorse whatever "Noble and Inclusive" B.S that the Elitists tell them will make
them good and caring people BUT alas those "evil conservatives" who don't understand science (Never
mind the one's whose IQ's are higher than even the stuck up elitist pricks) and "hate" those who are
different, etc, etc, ad nauseum! 
This is of course PURE BILE!! Conservatives do not hate those who are different (90% do not! as for
the 10%? You can find that sort in ANY group!!) we actually feel sorry for them and actually want to
help them. We see ourselves (which is what one should at least take into consideration when judging
us. At least those who wish to do so fairly) as trying to throw a life-preserver to someone who is
caught in a whirlpool that is slowly but surely sucking them in and downward at leisurely pace. Or
throwing up road-blocks to try and stop someone from slowly driving over a cliff. And when we do we
get yelled at, called names, laughed at, mocked and accused of being hateful. Yeah, because trying
to save people is really a hateful thing to do. Again, you don't have to agree with our point of
view BUT knock off with all the ignorant bile-spewing. Since Jan some on the left have become
completely unhinged. It's at an all time low. How about everyone (especially those who came here to
troll which is something only a socially maladjusted loser would do) try to see things from the
moderates point of view. Radicals on either side are too far gone to be reasoned with. Both suffer
from delusions of grandeur! And both know how to wind people who are somewhat on their side, to
start behaving in a very inappropriate manner. 
People who think they're the wrong sex need psychiatric help! Not some sick plastic surgery. And
many feel just as depressed as they did before the operation. And it has NOTHING to with any
religious or political group! That's what cowards and liars who want to score some cheap political
points do. NO! The harsh cold reality is that THE PERSON THEMSELVES don't like what they've done
because they know deep down inside that what they've done wasn't right. And so they change back. But
whatever made them loathe themselves (there have been proven cases where some sick, psychotic
mothers groomed their sons into being women.) so they change back. Still not happy so they change
back yet again! And then some (40% of them!!!) end up committing suicide. And again, the Radical
Left, like some demented bunch of sociopaths, blame those who oppose this type of operation and
behavior when the reality is THEY'RE they ones who are to blame for not allowing these mentally ill
people get the treatment they need! That like denying Cancer treatment to a cancer patient and then
blaming conservatives when they die. THAT, my friends is the sick, azz-backwards and upside down
world we live in today. SMH 
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