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Subject: Re: [TCM Underground] This week on TCM Underground: Red Sonja,Tarzan, The Ape Man
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From: "Adam H. Kerman" <>
Subject: Re: [TCM Underground] This week on TCM Underground: Red Sonja,
Tarzan, The Ape Man
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TT<> wrote:
>anim8rfsk kirjoitti 10.11.2017 klo 20:19:
>> In article<>,
>>   Ubiquitous<> wrote:
>>> wrote:
>>>> Ubiquitous<> wrote:
>>>>> Tarzan, The Ape Man(1981):
>>>>> James Parker is in Africa looking for a mythical white ape when his
>>>>> wife dies. He is joined by his estranged daughter, Jane. Together, they
>>>>> learn this white ape is Tarzan, a man who was raised by apes in the
>>>>> jungle. Parker continues to hunt Tarzan, but now with the purpose of
>>>>> bringing him back to England, dead or alive. Tarzan responds to the
>>>>> situation by kidnapping Jane, and the two are fascinated by each other.
>>>>> When natives take Jane with the intent of sacrificing her, Tarzan
>>>>> springs into action.
>>>> This the Bo Derek version?
>>> Yes.
>> That's actually more faithful than GREYSTOKE was.
>To my recollection that doesn't take much.
>Is the Bo version as bad as the IMDB claims at 3.3?
>...and more importantly, does Bo show much?

She rises from the water... naked. It's a full frontal shot. There's an
energetic sex scene with O'Keeffe, and she breast feeds a chip (which I
suppose you have to be John Derek to find erotic). Isn't she naked on
the lion? She rolls around in his fur.

It's still Bo Derek. You've seen her Playboy spread, which I think was
from stills that John shot while they were in production on this movie.
There's something off putting about the way he shoots her. He always has
her sucking in her gut. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel.

I thought her more famous image in 10 from two years earlier, in that
bathing suit, was more erotic than a lot of what her husband shot in
this movie. Of course, John Derek had nothing to do with the photography
in 10. 

Bo, giving one of the all time worst movie performances, has a
particularly memorable scene in which O'Keeffe is unconscious and she's,
uh, administering first aide by feeling him up, proclaiming "I've never
touched a man before." You'll be falling down on the floor laughing,
and that's guaranteed NOT to be erotic.