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Subject: Re: [TCM Underground] This week on TCM Underground: Red Sonja,Tarzan, The Ape Man
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Subject: Re: [TCM Underground] This week on TCM Underground: Red Sonja,
Tarzan, The Ape Man
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Ubiquitous kirjoitti 11.11.2017 klo 1:03:
> In article <ou59r6$iu8$>, wrote:
>> TT<> wrote:
>>> anim8rfsk kirjoitti 10.11.2017 klo 20:19:
>>>> Ubiquitous<> wrote:
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Ubiquitous<> wrote:
>>>>>>> Tarzan, The Ape Man(1981):
>>>>>>> James Parker is in Africa looking for a mythical white ape when his
>>>>>>> wife dies. He is joined by his estranged daughter, Jane. Together, they
>>>>>>> learn this white ape is Tarzan, a man who was raised by apes in the
>>>>>>> jungle. Parker continues to hunt Tarzan, but now with the purpose of
>>>>>>> bringing him back to England, dead or alive. Tarzan responds to the
>>>>>>> situation by kidnapping Jane, and the two are fascinated by each other.
>>>>>>> When natives take Jane with the intent of sacrificing her, Tarzan
>>>>>>> springs into action.
>>>>>> This the Bo Derek version?
>>>>> Yes.
>>>> That's actually more faithful than GREYSTOKE was.
>>> To my recollection that doesn't take much.
>>> Is the Bo version as bad as the IMDB claims at 3.3?
>>> ...and more importantly, does Bo show much?
>> She rises from the water... naked. It's a full frontal shot. There's an
>> energetic sex scene with O'Keeffe, and she breast feeds a chip (which I
>> suppose you have to be John Derek to find erotic). Isn't she naked on
>> the lion? She rolls around in his fur.
>> It's still Bo Derek. You've seen her Playboy spread, which I think was
>>from stills that John shot while they were in production on this movie.
>> There's something off putting about the way he shoots her. He always has
>> her sucking in her gut. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel.
>> I thought her more famous image in 10 from two years earlier, in that
>> bathing suit, was more erotic than a lot of what her husband shot in
>> this movie. Of course, John Derek had nothing to do with the photography
>> in 10.
>> Bo, giving one of the all time worst movie performances, has a
>> particularly memorable scene in which O'Keeffe is unconscious and she's,
>> uh, administering first aide by feeling him up, proclaiming "I've never
>> touched a man before." You'll be falling down on the floor laughing,
>> and that's guaranteed NOT to be erotic.
> Sounds like I need to watch this one!

Same here. :)

Nothing like good trash every now and then, to balance various art films...

(Just finished watching Trier's 'Antichrist'... can't say I'll recommend 
it... rated it a 4/10...)