Subject: Re: FX axes Louis C.K. deal, drops his producer credit from shows
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Subject: Re: FX axes Louis C.K. deal, drops his producer credit from shows
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Obveeus<> wrote:
> On 11/10/2017 4:56 PM, David wrote:
>> Statement by FX Networks and FX Productions
>> Today, FX Networks and FX Productions are ending our association with
>> Louis C.K. We are cancelling the overall deal between FX Productions
>> and his production company, Pig Newton. He will no longer serve as
>> executive producer or receive compensation on any of the four shows we
>> were producing with him - Better Things, Baskets, One Mississippi and
>> The Cops.
> I'm still unclear on how a studio would be allowed to drop someone's 
> credit and deny them compensation on contracted work.  This just screams 
> lawsuit.
>> Louis has now confirmed the truth of the reports relating to the five
>> women victimized by his misconduct, which we were unaware of
>> previously. As far as we know, his behavior over the past 8 years on
>> all five series he has produced for FX Networks and/or FX Productions
>> has been professional.
> That has to be a lie.  There is no way to believe that 'everybody knew 
> he like to have people watch him whack off' and yet no one in charge had 
> any idea at all.
>> However, now is not the time for him to make
>> television shows. Now is the time for him to honestly address the
>> women who have come forth to speak about their painful experiences, a
>> process which he began today with his public statement.
> Only one of the five women was truly in a work 
> situation/environment...the one who said yes.  The other situations were 
> people perhaps trying to gain favor with him so that they could gain 
> future work, but the lines are really blurred.
> The moral of the story is:
> 1.  don't date all...ever...and I guess that is going to 
> be a tough lesson for much of America because there is a big percent of 
> the population that defines themselves by their job and cannot function 
> without that being part of the equation.

Apparently you can't date anyone, ever, because a lot of these accusers
aren't (or weren't) co-workers when this stuff supposedly happened.