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Subject: Re: John Hillerman ("Magnum, P.I.") dead at 84
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Subject: Re: John Hillerman ("Magnum, P.I.") dead at 84
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 "Jim G."<> wrote:

> super70s sent the following on 11/10/2017 at 10:22 AM:
> > In article<>,
> >   anim8rfsk<> wrote:
> > 
> >> The Dark Web is providing me with something from each season.  There's
> >> actually an episode Higgins isn't in!  Probably not appropriate for this.
> >>
> >> So far I've grabbed
> >> Digger Doyle
> >> Tropical Madness - Thomas and Higgy quarrel over a visiting girliP
> >> Pleasure Principle - Thomas and Higgy switch personalities
> >> Legend of the Lost Art - the classic with Margaret Colin and The Hat
> >>
> >> On the way are Letter to a Duchess (which is not the one with Jessica 6)
> >> and at least one of those B&W noir eps
> > 
> > My favorite is the one is the offbeat episode when some young jerks
> > knock Magnum off his sailboat and he's stranded in the ocean, I guess
> > they worked Higgins into that one somehow.
> Home from the Sea. Yeah, that's a good one with lots of flashbacks to 
> previous events. And we learned that Robert Pine (of CHiPS fame, and 
> father of Chris Pine (James T. Kirk and Steve Trevor)) is TM's dad! I 
> thought that the watch bit was great, but there was no way to retcon 
> away the problems with that particular revelation.

Yeah, the MPI sites all screamed about that.  And his gun.  And when the 
Ferrari became a GTSi (come on, they blew up ROBIN1 with Mac in it; 
nobody's claiming it was the same damn car).  I've never done the math 
on that 'Magnum's First Case' episode with Cindy Pickett but I bet it 
retcons when he became a PI from "Don't Eat the Snow"

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