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Subject: Re: "Parks and Recreation" creator regrets hiring Louis C.K.
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Subject: Re: "Parks and Recreation" creator regrets hiring Louis C.K.
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In article <ou5sjt$lsj$>,
 "Adam H. Kerman"<> wrote:

> Ed Stasiak<> wrote:
> >
> >>The Horny Goat
> >>>=20
> >>>And based on the Spacey affair must be kept for decades afterwards.=20
> >>=20
> >> But there is a big difference here. Would journalists allow mostly garbag=
> >e
> >>accusations on the air or not? Do they have ways of confirming them. Proo=
> >f
> >>is always needed. That's the difference.
> >But what proof has been presented in the majority of these cases?
> >Sure, Weinstein paid off that gal(s) and half-assedly apologized, effective=
> >ly
> >admitting to his actions and Spacy also essentially admitted it but it seem=
> >s
> >to me at least, that most of these accusations the media are reporting have
> >nothing to back them up.
> >They=E2=80=99re just =E2=80=9Creporting=E2=80=9D Twitter posts as fact.
> Journalism requires work.

Not by any journalist I've ever known.

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