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From: Bill Anderson <billanderson601@yahoo.com>
Subject: DARK (2017 - German/Netflix Series)
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From: Bill Anderson <billanderson601@yahoo.com>
Subject: DARK (2017 - German/Netflix Series)
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I've watched the first three episodes and I'm so intrigued that I have 
no doubt I'll finish the season.  It's yet another "weirdness in a small 
town" science fiction story, complete with big secrets, kids in jeopardy 
and mysterious goings on in a big lab behind a razor-wire fence.  Sound 
like STRANGER THINGS? No, it's not trying to copy that one really, 
though some of the same elements are there. This one reminds me more of 
LES REVENANTS with its somber mood, heartbroken parents, and caverns 
where secrets lie.

It bothers me more mow than it did in my younger years to see children 
come to harm.  I've become an old softy, I suppose. But poor Mikkel... 
Still, I haven't given up hope for him and I'm pretty sure I have at 
least the basics of his story figured out.

This one's not as much fun as STRANGER THINGS was for me, but it's 
keeping me every bit as interested. The cinematography is outstanding, 
the locations beautiful, dark and moody. Boy this show is great to look 
at. I started computer communicating with a 300 baud modem and now look 
at me streaming high definition movies to my flat screen TV.  Wow. 
There's no telling what wonders I'll have in my home in another 50 
years.  When I'm 120.

Finally, I wish they hadn't dubbed the dialogue.  I'd much rather listen 
to the original actors while reading subtitles.  But I've turned on 
closed captions anyway because I find reading distracts me from the lips 
that aren't saying what I'm hearing.  And it's clear whoever translated 
for spoken dialogue was not the same person who translated for closed 
captions. The discrepancies aren't serious, but sometimes interesting to 

It's a good show.  You like WESTWORLD, STRANGER THINGS, GLITCH, LES 
REVENANTS -- that stuff?  Watch this.

Bill Anderson

I am the Mighty Favog