From: Arthur Lipscomb <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-12-06 (Wednesday)
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From: Arthur Lipscomb <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-12-06 (Wednesday)
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On 12/7/2017 6:07 AM, Obveeus wrote:
> I watched:
> SURVIVOR:  The worst Reward Challenge ever...people draw rocks to see 
> who wins.  Everyone seems to be back stabbing everyone else.  The 
> Immunity Challenge is decided when one player trades sex (a back rub) 
> for advancement in the game.  Finally, we see someone use an Immunity 
> Idol the correct way...though his move was only made possible because 
> the eventual evictee gave away her own Immunity Idol AND failed to use 
> her extra vote. 

Yeah, *what* was up with that?!?!
> MODERN FAMILY:  Phil tries to be a man and survive on his own after 
> getting fired from work...and real estate agents are not legally allowed 
> to practice on their own so, despite his claims, he better get that 
> magic shop back to running.  Lilly babysits because Mitch doesn't even 
> know what a baby looks like.  Manny tries to date his teacher...I didn't 
> realize that he wasn't going to a real school.
> VIKINGS:  Most of the episode takes place in England where the various 
> locals build an army and attack York (held by the sons of Ragnar).  The 
> VIKINGS come out with a victory, but then 2 of the 3 sons try to make 
> peace and become farmers.  As always, that plan fails to work because 
> the locals are all very much religious bigots.  Ah well, lesson learned. 
>   I expect a lot more locals to get killed going forward.
> HAPPY!:  
Saved for later.
> Recorded for later:  MR. ROBOT.
I pretty much have the whole season saved for later.  I guess that's 
what staycations are for...

> What did you watch?

The Mick - "The Divorce" - Chip learns his dad isn't his biological dad. 
  So he tracks down his biodad and ends up on a date with his sister. 
Meanwhile, they address the relationship or lack thereof between Mickey 
and her live in boy friend.  Do they sleep in separate rooms?

Speechless - "S-T--STAR--WARS W--WARS" - This 30 minute commercial for 
the Force Awakens had to be the most shameless, blatant, forced TV tie 
in for a movie ever!!!!  The episode starts off with JJ getting two free 
tickets for the Star Wars premier, handed to him by his mom who wheres a 
Force Awakens t-shirt the whole episode.  JJ then decides who goes with 
him via Star Wars trivia contest.  Then the episode revolves around him 
watching the movie, we see clips of the movie on the theater screen. 
Yeah, there was a b-plot, but still.  Really, speechless?  Really?

Law and Order: SVU - "Intent" - Steve Howey from "Shameless" guest stars 
as a famous fighter who is tricked via hacked text message into sexually 
assaulting a woman who was also tricked via hacked text message into 
going on a date with him.  The police then have to get Howey to plead 
guilty to a rape they acknowledge he didn't intend to commit so they can 
cross state lines and prosecute the computer hacker, whose motive was 
really shaky to say the least.  At least they kept the lights on this week.

Are You the One - "Playing with Fire" - The episode picks up with 
everyone returning to the house completely demoralized and chanting 
we're going home broke.  This is the last episode, and with only one 
perfect match revealed, the odds of them correctly guessing the other 10 
perfect matches...well, it's not looking good.  They compete in their 
final competition, get their final truth booth, which they also get 
wrong, then show up for the final reveal.  Although they didn't talk 
about it much, I'm pretty sure they went with the "strategy," although 
much of the episode was sidetracked by an emotional breakdown the 
strategy guy had when a girl he liked cheated on him and they started to 
burn each other's stuff.  Anyway they show up for the final reveal, and 
they win?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  How is this even possible?!?!?!?!?!  I thought 
it was next to impossible last season when the group won after only 
getting a handful of perfect matches.  But to win with only one. 
There's definitely some stuff going on behind the scenes that's not 
being shown.  Instead of all the in house fighting, I'd like to have 
scene more of the "strategy" (which MTV pretty much stopped showing 
after the first season) so I can know *how* they track the previous 
pairing results and determine who to pair off with who.  I know it's 
lots of math and statistic, but I think the MTV audience can handle it.