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Subject: Re: Google & Amazon Are Harming Consumers and Behaving Like Obnoxious Toddlers
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Subject: Re: Google & Amazon Are Harming Consumers and Behaving Like Obnoxious Toddlers
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On Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 11:05:30 AM UTC-5, BTR1701 wrote:
> You might recall that a few years ago, Amazon began banning competing 
> streaming hardware like Apple TV and Google's Chromecast from the Amazon 
> store because these products competed with Amazon's own streaming 
> hardware. At the time, you might also recall that Amazon offered up the 
> historically stupid claim that this was done simply to avoid "customer 
> confusion":
>     "Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an important part 
> of Prime," Amazon said in the e-mail. "It零 important that the streaming 
> media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid 
> customer confusion."
> That decision has only resulted in an ever-escalating game of tit for 
> tat that has started to bubble over in recent months. Around three 
> months ago, YouTube decided to block YouTube from working on Amazon's 
> Echo Show hardware, pushing the bogus claim it was due to a "broken user 
> experience." In response, Amazon expanded its blacklist of Google 
> products by refusing to sell Google Nest hardware as well. This was 
> already bad enough, but the escalating game of "who can be the most 
> obnoxious to paying customers" was taken to yet another level this week.

> There really is no winner here. Google and Amazon could simply settle 
> their differences like countless businesses do every hour of every day. 
> Instead, they've decided that the best course of action was a downward 
> spiral that punishes millions of consumers simply because the two 
> companies' executives are unwilling behave like functional adults. 
> harming-consumers-behaving-like-obnoxious-toddlers.shtml

I bypass all this childish behavior by simply setting up a personal cloud to store and serve ALL
media across the home network to ALL Android, Apple, Chromecast, Windows devices. Here is general
overview of the setup

1) Router, wireless, with USB port ($20 second-hand, MUST HAVE USB PORT)
2) USB storage device (stick or external HDD)
3a) Solid Explorer Classic (free app from Playstore to stream stored media to Androids)
3b) Windows/Mac/Apple OS, streaming already built-in for networking
4) utorrent & & for collection/download

Even if internet (WAN) connection goes down, with this setup the personal cloud media is still
available across the local network (LAN)

5) Most important - "FUG-EM" !