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Subject: Re: CNN: Franken = sacrificial lamb, Bill Clinton = convenient distraction
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Subject: Re: CNN: Franken = sacrificial lamb, Bill Clinton = convenient distraction
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On Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 12:43:06 PM UTC-5, wrote:
> On Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 12:13:46 PM UTC-5, RichA wrote:
> > Check-out this ominous line from a CNN story on the impending Franken resignation (the reference
is to Bill Clinton but the story was about Franken):
> > 
> > "Getting Franken out of office and becoming a zero tolerance party will also require a mass
Democratic reckoning with his legacy -- and giving up on a once-promising, beloved figure, for a
greater purpose."
> > 
> > Yes, "sacrificing" individual's careers for the greater good.  The essence of predatory,
politically-correct socialism.
> > 
> > Clinton for his part is great for the party.  They can (now) vilify him for his actions during
his time in the White House (in the dim past) rather than face the fact the dominating majority in
this sexual harassement debacle now are mostly Democrats.
> By my reckoning, and if I am wrong will surely be corrected by Kerman, but most of the Dems
accused of sexual harassment in DC and Tinseltown are Jewish.
> What was the major platform dispute during the 2016 Democratic convention?
> Of course, I could be wrong and if I am, am sure Kerman will honor us with a severe correction.

It's a theory and one not fully researched, with Al Franken appearing to me to be a moderate, but if
the Dem party needs reform, the one area needed is in foreign policy as it relates to the US Israel
Palestine relationship. A frontal assault, a direct purge of pro-Israel Dems is not possible --due
to the caustic influence of the Israel Lobby-- but an indirect culling or elimination of
Clintonite/Saban Dems is possible by way of sexual harassment allegations.

Harvey Weinstein is probably the best example of this type of rabid pro-Israel purge.

Again, this is just a theory I am exploring and has not been fully substantiated, nontheless, it is
a brilliant strategy imho, and has been used many, many times before in politics.