From: anim8rfsk <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-12-06 (Wednesday)
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From: anim8rfsk <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-12-06 (Wednesday)
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In article<>,
 "Ian J. Ball"<> wrote:

> On Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 10:02:32 AM UTC-8, anim8rfsk wrote:
> > Like others, I recorded but have not yet watched KNIGHTFALL.
> > 
> > I'm still wondering if anybody but me watched this week's awful DA 
> > FLASH.  I was waiting for somebody else to start the review so I could 
> > froth and rant.
> > 
> > I watched a couple more Cash Cab reruns, and then FRANKIE DRAKE 
> > MYSTERIES (there is apparently no 'The' in the title).
> Does anyone know if this is available anywhere in the U.S.?
> It stars Lauren Lee Smith, so I'd like to at least sample it some time...

Jesus f'ing Christ, Ian, really?

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