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From: One Down <fake.news@abc.com>
Subject: Dirtbag Dem Al Franken says he will resign from the Senate aftermultiple allegations of sexual improprieties
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From: "One Down" <fake.news@abc.com>
Subject: Dirtbag Dem Al Franken says he will resign from the Senate after
multiple allegations of sexual improprieties
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Al Franken announced Thursday he will resign his Senate seat, 
falling to a whirlwind of sexual misconduct allegations like 
those that have enmeshed other politicians, business leaders and 
media figures across the country in recent months.

The Minnesota Democrat, a second-term senator once seen as a 
potential presidential candidate in 2020 or beyond, earlier had 
said he would not leave office but would submit to a Senate 
ethics investigation into his behavior. He had acknowledged some 
misconduct, but denied other allegations.

His fate appeared sealed, however, on Wednesday, when more than 
half of Senate Democrats issued calls for his resignation in an 
uprising led by female senators. The choreographed move came as 
yet another woman came forward to accuse Franken of unwanted 
advances before he was elected to the Senate, and Senate 
Democratic leader Charles E. Schumer of New York privately met 
with Franken to tell him the time had come to quit.