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Subject: Re: Today's premieres and other notes (Thursday, Dec. 7)
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Subject: Re: Todays premieres and other notes (Thursday, Dec. 7)
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In article<>,
 Robin Miller<robin.miller@invalid.invalid> wrote:

> Gotham      (season 4 fall finale)        (8 pm, Fox)


> Psych: The Movie        (movie)         (8-10 pm, USA)
> Picking up three years since the series finale, Shawn Spencer (James 
> Roday) and best friend, Burton "Gus" Guster (DulĀŽ Hill) are working 
> together in San Francisco when one of their friends becomes a target. 
> The original cast is joined by Zachary Levi and John Cena.
>     [Metacritic score 63]

Double yay!  If only I could eat the pineapple!!

> Arrow          (season 6 fall finale)          (9 pm, CW)


Thanks, > --Robin

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