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anim8rfsk<> wrote:

> In article<>,
>  David<> wrote:
>> onya-lady-bird-1064724
>> Matt Lauer Won't Be Cut From 'I, Tonya' or 'Lady Bird'
>> by Chris Gardner
>> Matt Lauer may be gone from the small screen, but he's still popping
>> up on the big one. The former Today host, who was fired Nov. 29 from
>> NBC after complaints about inappropriate sexual behavior, appears in
>> Lady Bird, A24's Bush-era coming-of-age drama;
> Wait - "Lady Bird" is *not* about the worst POTUS of the 20th Century?

Why would LADY BIRD be about Jimmy Carter?

>> Reps for that film, which premiered a day before the scandal broke,
>> wouldn't comment when asked if there'd been any thought of cutting
>> Lauer the way Kevin Spacey has been replaced by Christopher Plummer in
>> All the Money in the World. But erasing all of Lauer's cinematic past
>> would be a big task: He's had screen time in scads of films, including
>> Zoolander 2, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and Entourage.
> You know, if you took him out of Sharknado, you could replace Natalie 
> Morales at the smae time.