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From: David <dimlan17@yahoo.com>
Subject: USA's "NFL Football Fanatic" premieres January 1st, posts promo
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From: David <dimlan17@yahoo.com>
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Subject: USAs "NFL Football Fanatic" premieres January 1st, posts promo
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2017 17:19:56 -0500
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NFL FOOTBALL FANATIC premieres with back-to-back episodes on Monday,
January 1 at 11/10c after WWE RAW on USA Network. The eight-episode
series will run through January 22 with two episodes each week at
11/10c and 11:30/10:30c. NFL FOOTBALL FANATIC follows Scottish-born
Darren McMullen ("The Voice Australia") as he embarks on a journey
across America to delve deep into the culture of the NFL and find a
team to call his own. Each episode, Darren will visit a different
American city to learn about the unique take they have on football
fandom, with real "super-fans" as his guides. He will explore all
aspects of NFL traditions and experiences, with behind-the scenes
access to players, coaches, and other iconic football figures during
team practices and pre-game warmups. By the end of the series, Darren
will finally choose his team and fans will appreciate the game in a
whole new way.