Subject: Re: Matt Lauer news footage remains in current movie releases
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Subject: Re: Matt Lauer news footage remains in current movie releases
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 18:55:21 -0500
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On 2017-12-07 12:32 PM, Obveeus wrote:
> On 12/7/2017 12:25 PM, David wrote:
>> Matt Lauer Won't Be Cut From 'I, Tonya' or 'Lady Bird'
>> by Chris Gardner
>> Matt Lauer may be gone from the small screen, but he's still popping
>> up on the big one. The former Today host, who was fired Nov. 29 from
>> NBC after complaints about inappropriate sexual behavior, appears in
>> Lady Bird, A24's Bush-era coming-of-age drama; in one scene, star
>> Saoirse Ronan watches Lauer on a newscast reporting about the war in
>> Afghanistan.
>> At a recent screening at the ArcLight Santa Monica, Lauer's appearance
>> prompted groans throughout the sold-out theater. Meanwhile, Neon's I,
>> Tonya contains another bit of Lauer, with footage of him reporting on
>> the 1994 attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan included in a montage
>> sequence.
>> Reps for that film, which premiered a day before the scandal broke,
>> wouldn't comment when asked if there'd been any thought of cutting
>> Lauer the way Kevin Spacey has been replaced by Christopher Plummer in
>> All the Money in the World. But erasing all of Lauer's cinematic past
>> would be a big task: He's had screen time in scads of films, including
>> Zoolander 2, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and Entourage.
> It doesn't make much (any) sense to cut him from archive footage of 
> newscasts.  Are people really looking to rewrite history (above and 
> beyond already thinking that scripted fare should be re-edited to 
> exclude wrongdoers).   ...and oh the irony of considering editing out 
> Matt Lauer in a film that is specifically about a criminal - Tonya Harding.
This is getting to be downright Stalinistic! Stalin was notorious for 
erasing people who had run afoul of him. In addition to killing them in 
many cases - or sending them to the Gulag where only 1 in 7 survived to 
complete their sentence - he also had his minions expunge these people 
from printed material, paintings, etc.

One little girl had both her parents taken during the Purges and both 
died. In addition, the secret police went through all the family photo 
albums and cut out her parents from every picture. Out of all the family 
photos, only one of them retained a bit of one of her parents: part of 
an elbow. Everything else had been snipped out. (They must have taken 
the negatives too to keep her from making more prints because all she 
had were the original prints.) In some cases, they simply covered the 
images with black ink. In the case of paintings, they often painted out 
the people who had become notorious. (And sometimes they painted people 
IN, as in one case where a famous painting showing Lenin arriving in St. 
Petersburg after many years in exile had Stalin added, even though he 
had not actually been there to greet Lenin on his arrival.)

There's a fascinating book called The Commissar Vanishes by David King. 
He's got an archive of a quarter MILLION such photos, showing before and 
after shots of how people were rendered invisible after they'd fallen 
afoul of his dictatorship. King has examples of the different ways the 
pictures got altered in the book.

Of course, the elites aren't actually SHOOTING the people that have run 
afoul of their rules yet but they seem to be making real efforts to 
expunge people from productions in which they've already appeared.