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I mentioned Ground Hog Day before anyone else re a TRAVELERS episode.

Partial quote:
"Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-12-27 (Wednesday)
From: David Barnett<dbar3518@bigpond.net.au>

In article <p22uof$djn$1@dont-email.me>, Obveeus@aol.com says...
> I watched:
> VIKINGS:  It seems that Ragnar's family is all plotting against each 
> other.  Meanwhile, Bjorn makes a haboob escape and heads for home and 
> Floki leads his people to God's country.

You are one episode ahead o me.
I liked your review of the previous episode, The Prisoner.

> What did you watch?

On Wed Dec 27 I watched:

Whovians Christmas Special
The panel & big audience loved "Twice Upon a Time",
unlike the negativity of some posts here.
Included was a brief interview of Moffat.

MURDOCH MYSTERIES: The Canadian Patient
Didn't care much for this one about organ transplants.

David Barnett