Subject: Re: Lucifer
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Subject: Re: Lucifer
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In article<>,
David Barnett<> wrote:
>It seems that my post reply in the thread Alert Lucifer was not sent:
>Why I do not know.
>Here it is again:
>Subject: Re: Alert: Lucifer
>From: David Barnett<>
>In article <p2gds4$ihn$>, says...
>> Lucifer's return January 1 was one night only! The next episode won't be
>> broadcast till January 22.
>Well we here have got the next episode "All About Her" 3x12 listed 
>for next Tuesday January 8, 
>so surely this means you are getting it then too.
Nope.  The US listing for 1/8 is "Vegas with some Radish". (And Wikipedia
has "All About Her" as still 'TBA'.)

So I guess you lucky stiffs will be ahead of us! (:-))

	-- Pete --