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From: No Snowflakes <Getoverit@TrumpRULEZ.gov>
Subject: Resolutions for you libturds in 2018
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From: No Snowflakes <Getoverit@TrumpRULEZ.gov>
Subject: Resolutions for you libturds in 2018
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Take heed, especially:"As kindhearted as they are, everyday Americans are 
sick of your antics[!] "

Because Democrats have been wandering aimlessly since the 2016 election, 
I thought it would be helpful to give them some suggestions to help them 
get out of their funk in my fourth annual “Suggestions for Liberals” 
column. So here goes:

We reap what we sow.

The 1960s Sexual Revolution is why there is a #MeToo movement. We are 
reaping the toxic side effects from the highly sexualized culture you 
created. As much disdain as you have for moral absolutes, understand they 
exist for good reason. Rather than being morally honest with yourself, 
you’ve weaponized your newfound principles for political purposes. 
Moreover, you have the audacity to appoint yourself as judge and jury 
over this monster you created. Please know that conservatives have no 
interest in your fake “moral awakening.” It’s your problem. Fix it.  

Quit howling over tax reform.

While it’s not perfect, the GOP’s $1.5 trillion tax overhaul is a 
historic victory for Americans and should be celebrated. Even left-
leaning groups like Tax Policy Center [TPC] confirm the bill helps the 
vast majority of taxpayers. And the evil corporations getting big breaks 
may end up hiring some of your snowflake sons and daughters, so lighten 
up. If you are not interested in having more of your money, give it back. 
Better yet, act like a conservative and donate it to charity.

Choose a side.

The struggle between the Sanders-Ellison-Elizabeth Warren Progressive 
wing and the corporate interest wing of your party is mutual assured 
destruction. You are hemorrhaging supporters. A study done by Global 
Strategy Group discovered many of your party’s base voters did something 
extraordinary in 2016. They voted for Donald Trump. In fact, the study 
found the Obama-turned-Trump voters, “effectively accounted for more than 
two-thirds of the reason Clinton lost.” No wonder you wanted to blame it 
on Russia and are gung-ho on destroying President Trump. You would be 
better served cleaning up your own house.

Ditch the arrogance.

Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama’s United States Senate special election 
wasn’t the earth-shattering, seismic win some suggest. Democrats didn’t 
win as much as Republicans defeated themselves. Flawed candidates lose. 
Ask Hillary. If there was one candidate in Alabama a Democrat could beat, 
it was Roy Moore. Odds are, Senator-elect Jones’ will not win reelection 
in 2020 because his political views put him to the extreme left of most 
Alabama voters.

Drop the drama.

You’d need less therapy appointments if you quit acting like spoiled 
children whose parents took away their favorite pacifier since Trump’s 
election. Utilizing totalitarian methods to accuse Trump of 
totalitarianism is a little rich, wouldn’t you say? As kindhearted as 
they are, everyday Americans are sick of your antics. They’ve decided the 
only way to thwart your misbehavior is fight back because they know you 
have no interest in compromise or coexistence. Relinquishing unresolved 
anger will add quality to your life, so why not just let it go, man, let 
it go.

Consider the good.

One year into Trump’s presidency and ISIS is defeated. That alone is 
“yuge,” but add to that Trump decertified the Iran deal, pulled out of 
the Paris accords, and declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. On 
November 9, 2016, voters resurrected consumer confidence from the grave 
in which Obama buried it. Now the stock market soars and the economy 
roars, unlike former President Obama’s crummy economy that stalled to a 
pathetic 1.6 percent growth. Obamacare’s mandate is repealed and ANWR is 
open to oil and gas exploration, thanks to the GOP tax bill. Neil 
Gorsuch’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court along with the flurry of 
young, judicial appointments means the judiciary system is positively 
reshaped for decades. All this winning is awesome. Celebrate it.

I hope this helps.