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Subject: Re: Amazon reviewers mad at spoof of parade coverage
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In article<>,<> wrote:

> Amazon’s Rose Parade coverage even skipped a few floats due to the lame
> banter between Ferrell and Shannon (as Cord and Tish) and Tim Meadows.
> I streamed that on my iPad as a companion to the serious, no-bullshit parade
> coverage on TV; KTLA’s (seen nationally on Hallmark Channel) seemed to have
> been a bit behind while HGTV (which I watched mostly) carried on to the next
> float/marching band/horse group.

HGTV used to have great coverage, with hosts who knew all about the
plants used on the floats ands could talk about them knowledgeably. 
Then, about five or six years ago, HGTV decided that the parade was to
be used to promote its own programming, so we got hosts who didn't know
anything about plants, but they sure as hell knew about flipping houses
and fixing plumbing.

KTLA wasn't bad for the first hour-plus.  Then something happened, and
the hosts got lost in the script somewhere.  The big finale (starring a
singer I've never heard of riding on a Wells Fargo float) was a
mis-timed, rushed mess, likely thanks to the breakdown of a float only
two or three spots ahead of it.  Also, Hallmark Channel (which was
using a KTLA feed) insisted on imposing screen-blocking billboards for
its upcoming programming, usually when a band was playing something
interesting, e.g., a band from Japan playing '40s swing.

BTW KTLA appeared to have both a national and a local feed.  I know
this because they kept screwing up the audio and switching back and
forth between them.

Even with all this, KTLA's coverage was better than HGTV's has been. 
They had a pretty good advance look at the floats before the parade
started, too.

I didn't bother with NBC.  Someone upthread mentioned its appalling
coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and all I can say is,
'nuff said.  Why do I want to do that to myself *twice* a year?  The
post-Christmas blues are bad enough without adding NBC's smarmy
bullshit to the mix.