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Lethal Weapon (Fox) -- A counterfeiter gets tossed out a window and
three kids on bikes grab his loot. Riggs buys a puppy for Molly's boy,
but Rigg's father has someone kill the puppy and send him the pup's
collar. Riggs tells Molly goodbye because he can't protect her and
goes to a Texas prison to tell his father he's going to kill him as
soon as he gets out of prison. RJ wants to drop out of college.

Chicago Med (NBC) -- A woman showing all signs of AIDS is brought, but
she refuses a test to ID said disease making treatment impossible. A
young girl is brought in by her mother who has ascending paralysis
starting on a flight back from Australia. Halstead later experiences
the same symptoms. One of the nurses talks bad about Choi when issuing
invites to a party. April later relents and declares Choi her boytoy
so everyone now knows. The neuro consult figures out that Halstead and
Manning are dating. Rhodes admits to Robyn he isn't always sure if
it's her or her disease talking and doing. She was acting bizarre
again. Reese is still spooked and gets ramped up even higher when her
car is burgled and trashed in the lot. Noah handles the case of a teen
male who hit a young woman. He tells the family the boy will be OK,
but while they are away the teen arrests asystole. He gets beat up by
the boy's brother when he has to deliver the bad news.

NCIS (CBS) -- Torres and Bishop are undercover as a couple wanting to
do bad things. Torres ignores Vance's order to go to the hospital
after a boat blows up real good and follows his gut to get into a drug
smuggling ring. Bishop is upset that he went without her since she's
now an adrenalin junkie. You get the inkling they are going to hook
those two up. Yuck.

Bull (CBS) -- Bull takes on the case of a teen who is arrested in the
midst of a jewelery store robbery along with the older man that lured
her from her home 18 months previously.

NCIS NO (CBS) -- NOPD gets beat up pretty bad when a truck they're
chasing opens up on them with a minigun. Further investigation leads
to a CIA operative supposedly running a sting using a known bad guy
arms dealer/smuggler. Except, she's the one getting run. Percy's
former DEA partner and love interest is there as well supporting the
op. Pride is waved off by his DC superiors but decides to continue the
case focusing only on the NOPD officer's murder and the low-life scum
hired by the arms dealer. This bothers Percy as she knows Pride is
being watched by DC and doesn't want to hurt her career. Pride tells
her to go home, but she seeks out her old partner for some love, but
finding a clue on his phone. That romance is over.