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Ever since I took my DVR back to Comcast/Xfinity and ended my cable TV 
account I've been learning more and more about the programming that's 
available locally through the digital subchannels of the local TV 
stations.  They have names like Bounce, Grit, MeTV, Escape, and others, 
including one called Decades.  They seem to devote much of their 
programming to old TV shows like Laramie, the Honeymooners, My Little 
Margie, Ed Sullivan, Laugh In, Alfred Hitchcock...and on and on.

But earlier this week, Decades, which is affiliated with CBS, broadcast 
a 2017 documentary called "Eye on the World: The Rise of Walter Cronkite 
and the Evening News."  For this boomer it was a fascinating review of 
all the television news I've experienced in my lifetime, starting with 
John Cameron Swayze and the Camel New Caravan ("The makers of Camel 
cigarettes present, Today's News Today...Ladies and gentlemen 
"agoodevening" to you.") I remember the Eisenhower and Stevenson 
conventions pre-empting Howdy Doody <grumble>, and then there was the 
Kennedy assassination, Vietnam, the space program, Watergate, and all 
the rest, well-presented in this documentary and so very familiar to my 
eyes. According to his peers, Walter just loved his position at the 
anchor desk, loved the attention, loved being perceived as impartial and 
fair, just loved being Walter Cronkite and was extremely attentive to 
doing nothing that would damage his reputation.  It was funny when all 
the documentary's talking heads started quoting LBJ on Walter right 
after a broadcast critical of the Vietnam war effort: "I knew when I 
lost Walter Cronkite I'd lost the country, I'd lost middle America, I'd 
lost the heartland, I'd lost..." it went on and on and I was left with a 
smile on my face but no conviction I knew what LBJ actually said.

There's really nobody like Walter Cronkite in television news now.  Dan 
Rather tried for years, but it never really worked for me.  I actually 
thought Scott Pelley was very good, but he didn't get the ratings so now 
we have ... Jeff Glor?  Really?  Jeff Glor in Walter Cronkite's chair? 
Well, when I consider who's now sitting in Abraham Lincoln's chair I 
guess I shouldn't be surprised.

It was a good documentary, and the news goes on.

Bill Anderson

I am the Mighty Favog