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In article <p2iksr$f63$>, Obveeus<> 

> I watched:
> LA TO VEGAS:  The pilot episode for this new FOX series about a plane 
> full of idiots that travels back and forth between Los Angeles and Las 
> Vegas.  Given how short that flight is, I have no idea how they find so 
> much time to wander around the plane.  In any case, this was really bad. 
>   One and done for me.

This ... might have been okay as a one shot.  There's not a series here.  
The big problem is, I don't want to ever see any of these characters 
again!  The only possible exceptions would be the three hot women that 
won't be back; the Asian stew who went to Delta, the bride to be, and 
the EDM Ho who's really into House.  I had *no* idea what that meant and 
had to look it up, and I have no idea why that was a joke except that 
she didn't object to being called a 'ho' which she shouldn't 'cause she 

EDM ho (apparently how she's actually billed, which isn't as bad as 
'random girl' or 'pissed traveler' - they didn't even bother to name 
characters in this mess, and those few with names only have first names) 
was played by Kassandra Kanaar who was enough to get me to look for 
other appearances by her, leading me to 

> What did you watch?

Ah, thanks.  Kassandra appeared in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 
I tracked down her episode, 2016's "The Gang Hits the Slopes"
Okay, I've never watched this before.  What the Hell market is it aimed 
at?  The nudity and sex is way to graphic for network or basic cable, 
even though it's all fuzzed out so it's pointless for mature (non Ian) 
cable.  It was interesting and had good production values but I just 
don't get it.

Kassandra is also in a 2017 film called One Buck which I started to 
watch but it was so depressing I never even got as far as seeing her 

I also watched some more encores of Impossibly Cute Clara Oswin Oswald 
Adventures.  But not with Crapaldi.  Those defy rewatching.

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