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In article <p2j4ie$43i$>,
 Tony Calguire<tcalg@yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> On 02 Jan 2018,  Arthur Lipscomb ( wrote in 
> >> 
> >> How did you happen to see it with a panel and big audience?
> >> 
> >> Glad you liked it!
> >> 
> > 
> > I was just about to ask that.  Was it on BBCA?
> Whovians (TV series)
> From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> Whovians is an Australian comedy panel chat show hosted by Rove McManus, 
> which screens on ABC. Rove engages with a team of four "Whovians" or 
> superfans of sci-fi television series Doctor Who to analyse, critique and 
> unravel the mysteries of the program.[1] The first episode screened on 16 
> April 2017 on ABC2 as a companion piece to the first episode of the tenth 
> series of Doctor Who after it aired on ABC.[2]

Ah.  I didn't know they were still doing that.

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