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In article<>,
 anim8rfsk<> wrote:

> In article<>,
>  Ed Stasiak<> wrote:
> >
> > _films_that_are_not_diverse_starting_in_2019.html

> > Starting in 2019, if Your Film Isn't Diverse, It Won't Be Eligible for a 
> > BAFTA Award
> > 
> > In an incredibly bold move,
> There are a lot of words for this. "Bold" is not one of them.

So a movie about the Vikings now has to cast black and latino and Asian 
people as Norsemen?**

Or are films about white people just not allowed at all anymore?

**I know Marvel already did that when they turned Asgard into It's A 
Small World with swords, but I'm talking about more serious films.