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Subject: CNN New Year's Eve averages 3.3 million viewers, tops cable
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Subject: CNN New Years Eve averages 3.3 million viewers, tops cable
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Anderson Cooper's NYE Ratings Hit High Without Kathy Griffin
by Michael O'Connell

Anderson Cooper's latest New Year's Eve partner brought new ratings

The annual CNN telecast, which swapped Kathy Griffin for Andy Cohen
after the former's controversial photo shoot with a severed facsimile
of Donald Trump's head, climbed 10 percent from the previous year for
an average 3.3 million viewers.

That number made the telecast the most-watched in all of cable and
bodes well for Cohen doing a repeat. (He and Cooper, famous friends,
also have a long-running speaking tour called AC2.) Griffin had
previously played comic relief to the straight-laced Cooper from