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Subject: NBC: Orrin Hatch can retire--GOP donors satisfied
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Subject: NBC: Orrin Hatch can retire--GOP donors satisfied
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excerpts from NBC News:

The most recent of bi-partisan niceties was 16 years ago: Now 
CHIP is still in peril, and any judicial goodwill engendered 
by the 1990s has been wiped away by Hatch's enthusiastic 
abetting of the railroading of Obama Supreme Court nominee 
Merrick Garland and the rubber-stamping of every blatantly 
unqualified Trump administration nominee suggested by the 
Federalist Society. In 30 years, some of those judges will 
be on their third decade on the bench and their sixth of 
learning to tie a shoe.

The big thing that Republican Party supported Trump in order 
to accomplish: to tax the working and middle class and try 
to bleed safety net programs dry so they can kick over a 
trillion dollars up the chain to the wealthiest people 
in the world, all while rubber-stamping jurists who will 
roll back judicial activism against reasonable employers 
who just want to irradiate workers' gonads without 
cumbersome government regulation because raising children 
eats into their employees' 18-hour workday.

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