From: Obveeus <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2018-01-02 (Tuesday)
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From: Obveeus <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2018-01-02 (Tuesday)
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 15:30:18 -0500
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On 1/3/2018 12:48 PM, anim8rfsk wrote:
> In article <p2iksr$f63$>, Obveeus<>
> wrote:
>> I watched:
>> LA TO VEGAS:  The pilot episode for this new FOX series about a plane
>> full of idiots that travels back and forth between Los Angeles and Las
>> Vegas.  Given how short that flight is, I have no idea how they find so
>> much time to wander around the plane.  In any case, this was really bad.
>>    One and done for me.
> This ... might have been okay as a one shot.  There's not a series here.
> The big problem is, I don't want to ever see any of these characters
> again!  The only possible exceptions would be the three hot women that
> won't be back; the Asian stew who went to Delta, the bride to be, and
> the EDM Ho who's really into House.

The bride to be could be back given that she has started a new career.

>  I had *no* idea what that meant and
> had to look it up, and I have no idea why that was a joke except that
> she didn't object to being called a 'ho' which she shouldn't 'cause she
> was.
> EDM ho (apparently how she's actually billed, which isn't as bad as
> 'random girl' or 'pissed traveler' - they didn't even bother to name
> characters in this mess, and those few with names only have first names)
> was played by Kassandra Kanaar who was enough to get me to look for
> other appearances by her, leading me to
>> What did you watch?
> Ah, thanks.  Kassandra appeared in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and
> I tracked down her episode, 2016's "The Gang Hits the Slopes"
> Okay, I've never watched this before.  What the Hell market is it aimed
> at?  The nudity and sex is way to graphic for network or basic cable,
> even though it's all fuzzed out so it's pointless for mature (non Ian)
> cable.  It was interesting and had good production values but I just
> don't get it.

It ran on FX for years and I watched a few of them...or parts of a few 
of them.  I never did figure out why it was popular.  Same goes for 

> Kassandra is also in a 2017 film called One Buck which I started to
> watch but it was so depressing I never even got as far as seeing her
> character.

So then, you missed the nude scene?

This is her promo: