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Subject: I demand to know what the hell is going on!
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Subject: I demand to know what the hell is going on!
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First "Gotham", "Once Upon a Time", and several other shows fail to return 
from Christmas hiatus.

And now they seem to think it's summer or something, rather than FEBRUARY 
SWEEPS. To begin with, the above-mentioned shows are STILL not back. And 
then yesterday two top comedies, Big Bang and its spinoff, are repeats. 
During sweeps!

And now today the schedule seems to have been completely butchered. I 
don't see A SINGLE ONE of the normal Friday shows, new OR repeats. No 
MacGyver. No Once Upon a Time. No Blindspot. No Agents of Shield. Not a 
single thing! Either their calendars are wrong, they skipped over a day, 
and they erroneously think it's Saturday, or their calendars are wrong, 
they skipped over half a year, and they think it's August.

How do we fix this? Before they fuck up Sunday's Star Trek, or Monday's 
lineup? We have two days to make them aware of their blunder or I'm sure 
they will fuck up again, given they've made massive mistakes two days in a