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Subject: What Did You Watch? 2018-02-08 (Thursday)
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From: Obveeus <Obveeus@aol.com>
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Subject: What Did You Watch? 2018-02-08 (Thursday)
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I watched:

NCAABB:  In the background I sort of watched Arizona vs. UCLA 
basketball.  Arizona started off behind and, aside from a brief moment 
in the game, stayed there throughout.  Arizona had a very hard time 
getting anything to go into the basket.

SUNLIGHT JR.:  A 2013 drama starring Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon as a 
couple living in poverty and trying to make their place in life.  They 
have no money to speak of, so they eat out and go to bars a lot and 
smoke cigarettes...sadly, this is realistic to a lot of people living in 
poverty.  Everyone in the film acts like trailer trash and the only 
people I felt bad for were the slew of foster care children that Tess 
Harper's character was using like cattle.  This film was nothing more 
than a depressing look at society.

A GHOST STORY:  A 2017 film starring a bedsheet as a ghost.  this film 
has very little dialog and very little internal logic.  I cannot imagine 
how audiences sat in the theater and survived this pointless tale 
stretched out over 90 minutes for effect.  This is not high art.  This 
is not clever.  This is not intelligent.  Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara 
provide supporting characters, but really this whole film is just about 
a bed sheet standing around and doing nothing.

What did you watch?