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Subject: Re: Altered Carbon
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 EGK<> wrote:

> Did anyone else finish altered Carbon on Netflix?  

Ob and I have a long detailed discussion about it over on 
What Did You Watch? 2018-02-07 (Wednesday)

  I wanted to like this
> show a lot more than I actually did.   It sure didn't make me want to read
> the book by the time it ended. 

It actually makes me want to read the book, because I know the TV writer 
to be an incompetent fool, and the redits say she tossed the book anyway.

 It was a convoluted mess for the most part.
> The motive of the main villain had me scratching my head even while they
> kept repeating it over and over.

Ob and I are discussing that too.  :)  Please join in!

> It reminded me of the first season of The Expanse.

In that they were ripping off Larry Niven with every keystroke?  Yep.

   That show got way
> better after the plots started to come together.  I kept waiting for Altered
> Carbon to be like that and it never jelled.  The final episodes seemed
> rushed.
> I think Altered Carbon would have benefited a lot from a linear storyline
> but I guess shows don't like to do that anymore.   It makes too much sense
> and we need more style over substance in TV shows.  <rolling eyes>

I don't think it was that non linear, and probably couldn't be much more 
linear given that it covered hundreds of years.

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