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Subject: Re: History's "Frontiersmen" premieres March 7th
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Subject: Re: Historys "Frontiersmen" premieres March 7th
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2018 15:49:01 -0500
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On 2018-02-09 12:45 PM, David wrote:
> New York, NY - February 9, 2018 - In April of 1775, just weeks before
> the American Revolution begins, a group of pioneers launch their own
> revolution, defying a King to establish a permanent settlement on the
> frontier. Before them lies a territory of 2.5 million square miles of
> vast, raw, untamed land stretching from the Appalachian Mountains to
> the Pacific Ocean that will one day forge a new nation. HISTORY's
> four-part, eight-hour docuseries "The Men Who Built America:
> Frontiersmen," from executive producers Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer
> Davisson of Appian Way and Stephen David of Stephen David
> Entertainment, premieres Wednesday, March 7 at 9PM ET/PT and tells the
> stories of the adventurous trailblazers, from Davy Crockett to Lewis
> and Clark, who set forth across the land to transform us from
> colonists to revolutionaries to Americans.
> "The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen" spans a formative period of
> history featuring the first 75 volatile years of the United States -
> from the Revolution through the California Gold Rush - where Daniel
> Boone, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, John Frémont, Davy Crockett
> and Andrew Jackson set forth across uncharted land with determination
> and self-reliance.
> Featuring dramatized portrayals of frontier icons interlaced with
> exclusive interviews with experts and survivalists, episode one,
> airing on Wednesday, March 7 at 9pm ET/PT, explores the beginning of
> The Revolution, where the outbreak of war spreads beyond the colonies
> into remote territory forcing frontiersmen such as Daniel Boone to
> fight for his life and the future of his country.
> Episode two, airing on Wednesday, March 14 at 9pm ET/PT, follows
> Shawnee warrior, Tecumseh, as he unites the Native American tribes to
> resist expansion, while Lewis and Clark make their legendary
> expedition to the Pacific, and a new war for America begins.
> In Episode three, airing on Wednesday, March 21 at 9pm ET/PT, America
> turns to General Andrew Jackson to defend the frontier but his methods
> give rise to a fierce rivalry with frontier icon Davy Crockett.
> Lastly, episode four, airing on Wednesday, March 28 at 9pm ET/PT,
> delves into Davy Crockett's stand at The Alamo, while John Frémont and
> Kit Carson set out on a secret mission that ignites a war for
> California and the Pacific.
> "The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen" is produced for HISTORY by
> Appian Way Productions and Stephen David Entertainment. Jennifer
> Davisson and Leonardo DiCaprio serve as executive producers for Appian
> Way Productions, the project was shepherded in by Appian Way's Phillip
> Watson and Michael Hampton. Stephen David serves as executive producer
> for Stephen David Entertainment. Kristen Burns and Mary Donahue serve
> as executive producers for HISTORY. A+E Networks holds worldwide
> distribution rights for "Frontiersmen."
This could be interesting/informative depending on how they do it. And 
if it is well-received, maybe they could do a sequel on the various 
transcontinental railroads that linked the various parts of the country. 
They could even do an episode on the first expedition to cross the 
country by car. A young army officer named Eisenhower - destined to be 
president a few decades later - was on that expedition.