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Subject: Re: Altered Carbon
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Subject: Re: Altered Carbon
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On 2/9/18 11:21 AM, EGK wrote:
> Did anyone else finish altered Carbon on Netflix?    I wanted to like this
> show a lot more than I actually did.   It sure didn't make me want to read
> the book by the time it ended.  It was a convoluted mess for the most part.
> The motive of the main villain had me scratching my head even while they
> kept repeating it over and over.
> It reminded me of the first season of The Expanse.   That show got way
> better after the plots started to come together.  I kept waiting for Altered
> Carbon to be like that and it never jelled.  The final episodes seemed
> rushed.
> I think Altered Carbon would have benefited a lot from a linear storyline
> but I guess shows don't like to do that anymore.   It makes too much sense
> and we need more style over substance in TV shows.  <rolling eyes>

I don't know if anything would make it better.  It's like a really bad 
version of Blade Runner, with some other body swapping sci fi movies 
mixed in.  I watched the first five eps. but I was looking at my phone 
more than the TV screen for several of them.  The main guy is played by 
a Swedish actor named Joel Kinnaman who I saw in a couple of Swedish 
movies called "Easy Money" and he was really good.  He's really good in 
this show too but the show itself just sucks.  Plus it's got James 
Purefoy playing more or less the same character he played in "The 
Following" which I *really* hated.  I don't think there is much to be 
done to make AC any better.