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Subject: What Did You Watch? 2018-03-07 (Wednesday)
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From: Obveeus <Obveeus@aol.com>
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Subject: What Did You Watch? 2018-03-07 (Wednesday)
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 07:49:21 -0500
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I watched:

MODERN FAMILY:  Mitch gets a new job with a company that is going 
bankrupt under criminal investigation.  Unrealistically, they pretend 
that such a job doesn't pay well.  Phil and Alex switch roles, briefly, 
and battle the next door work neighbor.  Jay and Gloria have a sexual 
taboo episode involving spanking...which is really just so not some 
weird kinky sex thing that this part of the episode felt like it fell 
out of the 1950s.

THE MAGICIANS:  Margo and Eliot are sentenced to death, but on the good 
side they get to choose the method.  Julia and Fen play with a fairy and 
try to teach it magic so that it can gain its freedom.  Penny and Alice 
and Kady get stuck in a happy sucking pocket world with Josh...and the 
demon running it hints that he was told to do it by 'him'...which I'm 
guessing is a half goat God.  In the process of all of this, the 5th key 
(E) is found and everyone can talk to each other across space and 
dimension.  This was a musical episode, sort of, and all the music aside 
from the last song sucked.

CORPORATE:  After a long hard week at work, the various employees get 
sucked into a situation where they have to see their bosses on the 
weekend, too.  A lame western style restaurant that serves milk (I've 
been to a much better one) and male prostitutes and birds and a 
grandfather clock make for a mediocre episode.

REVOLT:  A 2017 sci-fi film starring Lee Pace (HALT AND CATCH FIRE) and 
Berenice Marlohe (SKYFALL) as a US soldier and a French doctor who get 
caught up in an alien invasion while on assignments in Africa.  To make 
matters worse, Lee Pace's character is suffering from amnesia.  While 
you would think that a worldwide alien invasion is the biggest problem 
they would have, in this film's reality, the biggest problem is that the 
humans are busy killing each other off as fast as they can with 
mini-conflicts between the battles with aliens.  This film plays like 
one of those Syfy action films.  People who enjoy low budget cheesy 
action will probably love this...and it wasn't totally intolerable for 
normal folks, either.

What did you watch?