From: Arthur Lipscomb <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2018-03-07 (Wednesday)
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From: Arthur Lipscomb <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2018-03-07 (Wednesday)
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On 3/8/2018 4:49 AM, Obveeus wrote:
> I watched:
> MODERN FAMILY:  Mitch gets a new job with a company that is going 
> bankrupt under criminal investigation.  Unrealistically, they pretend 
> that such a job doesn't pay well.  Phil and Alex switch roles, briefly, 
> and battle the next door work neighbor.  Jay and Gloria have a sexual 
> taboo episode involving spanking...which is really just so not some 
> weird kinky sex thing that this part of the episode felt like it fell 
> out of the 1950s.
> THE MAGICIANS:  Margo and Eliot are sentenced to death, but on the good 
> side they get to choose the method.  Julia and Fen play with a fairy and 
> try to teach it magic so that it can gain its freedom.  Penny and Alice 
> and Kady get stuck in a happy sucking pocket world with Josh...

When even the characters on the show don't know who Josh is, how am *I* 
supposed to know who Josh is? :-/

I could have sworn the lyrics to his song said he was *not* who he 
looked like.  I assumed that meant he was a fake Josh.  How did they 
figure out he was the real Josh and everyone else was fake?

and the
> demon running it hints that he was told to do it by 'him'...which I'm 
> guessing is a half goat God.  In the process of all of this, the 5th key 
> (E) is found and everyone can talk to each other across space and 
> dimension.  This was a musical episode, sort of, and all the music aside 
> from the last song sucked.
Agreed.  And Eliot can actually sing!

> CORPORATE:  After a long hard week at work, the various employees get 
> sucked into a situation where they have to see their bosses on the 
> weekend, too.  A lame western style restaurant that serves milk (I've 
> been to a much better one) and male prostitutes and birds and a 
> grandfather clock make for a mediocre episode.
> REVOLT:  A 2017 sci-fi film starring Lee Pace (HALT AND CATCH FIRE) and 
> Berenice Marlohe (SKYFALL) as a US soldier and a French doctor who get 
> caught up in an alien invasion while on assignments in Africa.  To make 
> matters worse, Lee Pace's character is suffering from amnesia.  While 
> you would think that a worldwide alien invasion is the biggest problem 
> they would have, in this film's reality, the biggest problem is that the 
> humans are busy killing each other off as fast as they can with 
> mini-conflicts between the battles with aliens.  This film plays like 
> one of those Syfy action films.  People who enjoy low budget cheesy 
> action will probably love this...and it wasn't totally intolerable for 
> normal folks, either.

This was already in the queue, but I moved it closer to the top.

> What did you watch?

Law and Order: SVU - "In Loco Parentis" - Carisi's niece claims she's 
raped then says she made it up then says she was raped a second time by 
the same guy, but this time she means it.  The only way to get a 
conviction is for the guy to make a dramatic confession on the stand. 
Good thing this is SVU...

Survivor - "Only Time Will Tell" - Mostly background noise.

Speechless - "UN-UNFORGETTABLE P-A-PAIN" - JJ and his friend who happens 
to be a really annoying movie nerd go to a movie.  And other even dumber 
stuff happens.