From: Ian J. Ball <IJBall@mac.invalid>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2018-03-07 (Wednesday)
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From: Ian J. Ball <IJBall@mac.invalid>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2018-03-07 (Wednesday)
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 07:10:03 -0800
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On 2018-03-08 12:49:21 +0000, Obveeus said:

> I watched:
> REVOLT:  A 2017 sci-fi film starring Lee Pace (HALT AND CATCH FIRE) and 
> Berenice Marlohe (SKYFALL) as a US soldier and a French doctor who get 
> caught up in an alien invasion while on assignments in Africa.  To make 
> matters worse, Lee Pace's character is suffering from amnesia.  While 
> you would think that a worldwide alien invasion is the biggest problem 
> they would have, in this film's reality, the biggest problem is that 
> the humans are busy killing each other off as fast as they can with 
> mini-conflicts between the battles with aliens.  This film plays like 
> one of those Syfy action films.  People who enjoy low budget cheesy 
> action will probably love this...and it wasn't totally intolerable for 
> normal folks, either.

Yes - if this is on The Netflix, I will probably check it out...

> What did you watch?

Chicago Med (recorded) - "Folie a Deux" (ep. #3.11). I quite liked this 
episode... We find out more about why Sarah Reese is so nutty - her 
estranged (astrophysicist!) father shows up in town, and immediately 
"plays" Dr. Charles in order to get closer to his daughter... with 
definitely less than "noble" motives. In fact, by the end of this we 
get the strong feeling that Reese's Mom was correct to warn everyone to 
stay away from this guy, as he's totally shady...
   The titular storyline, in which Dr. Charles treats an apparently 
paranoid and crazy woman has stabbed her neighbor unprovoked - though, 
'natch, there's more going on here - was pretty compelling. There was 
also a LOL exchange in between Det. Halstead and Dr. Charles in this 
one - something like - Halstead: "I don't think she likes you." 
Charles: "I get that alot."
   Meanwhile, we get YA scene in which Manning once again acts like a 
self-righteous lunatic: even when she's right about something, you 
still just want to slap her. And after Noah Sexton misses a diagnosis, 
Rhodes and Bekker have a long open-heart surgery to perform... which 
ultimately leads to smoochies between them. Yuck.

The Blacklist - "Pattie Sue Edwards" (ep. 5.15). A pretty episode. The 
Blacklister storyline involves a woman who is going around infecting 
people with a deadly "designer" virus that is both highly contageous 
and kills fast. Meanwhile, Lizzie and her new cop "mole" set up a trap 
for Garvey... but things don't go as planned for Lizzie's cop friend. 
And Red has to "wheel and deal" in order to avoid an IRS audit of one 
of his shady business... In the end, Lizzie has seemingly found her 

SEAL Team - "No Man's Land" (ep. #15). Honestly I didn't really follow 
this episode. Something about the team finding a money stash which gets 
them closer(?) to who killed Echo team, and them using an Afghan girl 
to do it. Meanwhile, they introduce Dawn Olivieri as a new potential 
love interest for Jason (after Jason spoils the mood with Mandy by 
unnecessarily waking her up while she is sleeping!)...

Recorded for later: The Magicians.

"Three light sabers? Is that overkill? Or just the right amount
 of "kill"?" - M-OC, "A Perilous Rescue" (ep. #2.9), LSW:TFA (08-10-2017)