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Subject: Re: "Star Wars" live-action series adds Jon Favreau as writer
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Subject: Re: "Star Wars" live-action series adds Jon Favreau as writer
From: Jibini Kula Tumbili Kujisalimisha <>
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Ian J. Ball<IJBall@mac.invalid> wrote in

> On 2018-03-08 15:21:58 +0000, David said:
>> ive-produce-write-live-action-star-wars-series-1093023 
>> Jon Favreau to Executive Produce, Write Live-Action 'Star Wars'
>> Series by Ryan Parker
>> Jon Favreau is set to executive produce and write a 
>> live-action Star Wars series, Disney announced Thursday.
> I am less convinced that this is necessarily a "good" thing... 
> :| 
Star Wars is a yawn for me. I didn't even bother the see the last 
movie. Who cares? How about something new and original for a change?

Terry Austin

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    -- David Bilek

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