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From: David <dimlan17@yahoo.com>
Subject: "Wife Swap" returning on CMT
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From: David <dimlan17@yahoo.com>
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Subject: "Wife Swap" returning on CMT
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'Wife Swap' Revived at CMT
by Lesley Goldberg

CMT is reviving one of television's greatest social experiments.

The Viacom-owned country music-themed cable network has revived former
ABC docuseries Wife Swap.

Production on 10 new hourlong episodes will begin this year. A
premiere date has not yet been determined.

The docuseries, produced by Banijay Studios North America with David
Goldberg and Caroline Baumgard as exec producers, originally ran on
ABC from 2004 to 2010, with a celebrity edition running for four
seasons on the Disney-owned broadcaster from 2012-2015.