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From: David Johnston <davidjohnston29@yahoo.com>
Subject: MacGyver 2.0: Murdoc and Handcuffs
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Subject: MacGyver 2.0: Murdoc and Handcuffs
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With Murdoc back in custody they try to transport him back only to have 
to protect him from another of his many enemies, this one being his 
former mentor.  We get a bit of Murdoc's backstory and I am annoyed. 
No, MacGyver, enlisting in a foreign military isn't treason as long as 
the military in question isn't at war with the United States.  That's as 
bad as Alias, where they kept claiming that Sydney's mother was a 
"traitor" even though she was never really an American citizen in the 
first place.  And, talking about their relationships to other people in 
front of a guy like Murdoc?  This does not strike me as an exercise of 
good judgement.