Subject: Re: History drama "Six" returns May 28th
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Subject: Re: History drama "Six" returns May 28th
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On 2018-03-08 3:12 PM, David wrote:
> ‘Six’: History’s Navy SEAL Drama Series Gets Season 2 Premiere Date
> by Denise Petski
> History has slotted Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 at 10 PM for a
> special premiere of its hit Navy SEAL drama series Six. It also will
> air a second new episode during its regular timeslot on Wednesday May
> 30 at 10 PM.
> Related'The Curse Of Civil War Gold' Premiere Hits Paydirt For History
>  From A+E Studios, the ten-episode second season follows Navy SEAL Team
> Six in a mission to destroy the terrorist network responsible for the
> shooting of their former team leader Richard “Rip” Taggart (Walton
> Goggins). Led by Joe ‘Bear’ Graves (Barry Sloane), the Navy SEALS will
> join forces with cunning and tenacious CIA officer Gina Cline, played
> by newcomer Olivia Munn, to scour Eastern Europe, infiltrating hostile
> territory and terrorist hotspots like Chechnya as they track the
> mastermind behind Michael’s (Dominic Adams) jihadist network. The
> chase will bring the Navy SEALs to the border of Russia, where the
> consequences of their actions could spark World War III.
> Also returning for season two are series regulars Kyle Schmid, Juan
> Pablo Raba, Edwin Hodge, Jaylen Moore, Brianne Davis and Nadine
> Velazquez. In addition to Munn, newcomers to season two include
> previously announced Eric Ladin and Nikolai Nikolaeff and recurring
> guest star, Erik Palladino.
The one thing they don't make clear in this blurb is if Goggins is 
actually in this season or if his character actually died from his 
injuries. Based on what I'm seeing in IMDB, I think his character *did* 
die because Goggins only has 8 episodes credited while his castmates 
have 16. Season 1 was 8 episodes and apparently Season 2 is the same. 
Given his other projects, including a lead in L.A. Confidential, I'm 
assuming he's left Six altogether.