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Subject: Re: Oscars Ratings Disaster Suggests Cultural Shift
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On Thu, 8 Mar 2018 17:17:01 -0000 (UTC), Libtard<> wrote:

>On Thu, 08 Mar 2018 15:12:07 +0000, Buzzsaw Checkerling wrote:
>> The movie industry, once built on hopes and dreams, now scolds
>> by Tammy Bruce March 8, 2018 Fox News
>> The catastrophe of the Oscars award telecast last Sunday is now
>> official: Ratings were the lowest in its history. Many conservatives,
>> like this columnist, chose to not watch as a statement rejecting the
>> increasingly politicized nature of the film Academy?s awards show.
>> Yet, the ratings disaster this year is so significant ? down a whopping
>> 20 percent compared to last year ? it suggests a significant cultural
>> shift has occurred that portends a great loss not just for the
>> entertainment industry, but for the nation as a whole.
>Yeah, it's called DVRing and streaming. All broadcast TV ratings have been 
>sliding for years because of it.

   Ummmmm ... no. 

   You're talking about how the content is OBTAINED. 

   The Oscars are about who stars IN the content ...
   yer favorite glittering oh-so-smart-and-interesting

   Alas many of those celebs have disgraced themselves
   by saying all kinds of stupid hateful stuff of late. Just
   because they make a living PRETENDING to be 
   smarter, more interesting, people doesn't mean 
   THEY are actually smarter or more interesting. 
   Just good at faking it. 

   So, dump the commie SOBs. 

   No doubt some AI programs can be refined to take
   the place of human actors - and hey, far cheaper
   and NO BULLSHIT to deal with  :-)