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Subject: Re: CNN: CNN says whore Daniels deserves "fairer treatment"(everyone groan in unison)
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Subject: Re: CNN: CNN says whore Daniels deserves "fairer treatment"
(everyone groan in unison)
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RichA<> wrote:

> She blackmailed Trump to pay her money, Daniel's (or whatever the whore's
> real name is) probably wants to cash-in with a book (unlikely to be
> written by a whore, but ghost-written) and go on the talk-show circuit.
> Meanwhile, IF she was with Trump, it's pretty sure bet she got paid for
> it in some fashion. Talk about making a career out of being a cheap slob.
> I wonder why no one has interviewed her parents?

I'm not sure why she thinks she can sign an NDA, take $130 large, then talk
anyway just because Trump didn't sign it. Trump doesn't *have* to sign it
for it to be a valid contract between her and whomever *did* sign it.

I could forgive Daniels not understanding this, she being nothing more than
a mattress actress and vagina for hire, but presumably her lawyer had to
pass Contacts 101 to get a law degree and should surely know that such a
claim is, to put it in layman's terms, full of shit.