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Subject: Re: Netflix experiment finds viewers say they want subtitles butreally prefer dubbing
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Subject: Re: Netflix experiment finds viewers say they want subtitles but
really prefer dubbing
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On 3/8/2018 5:36 PM, Ed Stasiak wrote:
>> David
>> That’s why Netflix is now streaming dubbed versions of shows by default
> I knew this shit was going to happen… fucking globalists.
> English is the defacto global language and if foreign productions want to
> compete with the Hollywood juggernaut, they need to produce their shows
> in English.
> I ain’t reading subtitles and sure as hell ain’t watching a show with comical
> over-dubbing.

Believe it or not, these shows aren't made with you in mind -- and 
certainly aren't an attempt to seduce you into godless multi-lingualism. 
  They're merely foreign shows that happen to be good, that have been 
graciously rendered accessible beyond their home borders.  You are, of 
course, free to stick with chop suey and freedom fries.


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