From: Ian J. Ball <IJBall@mac.invalid>
Subject: Re: History drama "Six" returns May 28th
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From: Ian J. Ball <IJBall@mac.invalid>
Subject: Re: History drama "Six" returns May 28th
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 15:23:35 -0800
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On 2018-03-08 22:11:36 +0000, BTR1701 said:

> anim8rfsk<> wrote:
>> In article <p7s9op$mut$>,
>> Rhino<> wrote:
>>> On 2018-03-08 3:12 PM, David wrote:
>>>> iere-date-1202320048/
>>>> ‘Six’: History’s Navy SEAL Drama Series Gets Season 2 Premiere Date
>>>> by Denise Petski
>>>> History has slotted Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 at 10 PM for a
>>>> special premiere of its hit Navy SEAL drama series Six. It also will
>>>> air a second new episode during its regular timeslot on Wednesday May
>>>> 30 at 10 PM.
>>>> Related'The Curse Of Civil War Gold' Premiere Hits Paydirt For History
>>>> From A+E Studios, the ten-episode second season follows Navy SEAL Team
>>>> Six in a mission to destroy the terrorist network responsible for the
>>>> shooting of their former team leader Richard “Rip” Taggart (Walton
>>>> Goggins). Led by Joe ‘Bear’ Graves (Barry Sloane), the Navy SEALS will
>>>> join forces with cunning and tenacious CIA officer Gina Cline, played
>>>> by newcomer Olivia Munn, to scour Eastern Europe, infiltrating hostile
>>>> territory and terrorist hotspots like Chechnya as they track the
>>>> mastermind behind Michael’s (Dominic Adams) jihadist network. The
>>>> chase will bring the Navy SEALs to the border of Russia, where the
>>>> consequences of their actions could spark World War III.
>>>> Also returning for season two are series regulars Kyle Schmid, Juan
>>>> Pablo Raba, Edwin Hodge, Jaylen Moore, Brianne Davis and Nadine
>>>> Velazquez. In addition to Munn, newcomers to season two include
>>>> previously announced Eric Ladin and Nikolai Nikolaeff and recurring
>>>> guest star, Erik Palladino.
>>> The one thing they don't make clear in this blurb is if Goggins is
>>> actually in this season or if his character actually died from his
>>> injuries. Based on what I'm seeing in IMDB, I think his character *did*
>>> die because Goggins only has 8 episodes credited while his castmates
>>> have 16. Season 1 was 8 episodes and apparently Season 2 is the same.
>>> Given his other projects, including a lead in L.A. Confidential, I'm
>>> assuming he's left Six altogether.
>> I've never seen or heard of SIX but I like Munn. Should I be checking
>> this out?

I did not.

> I enjoyed the first season without her. Adding her in only makes me look
> forward to it more.

IMO, she's not enough to get me back to this, esp. without Goggins...

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