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Subject: Atomic Blonde (no spoilers)
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Subject: Atomic Blonde (no spoilers)
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This spy drama is set in the month that the Berlin Wall came down, November
1989, an event which is used somewhat cheaply here, to add relevance and
credibility to the entirely predictable plot. Aside from re-unifying
Berlin, the Fall of the Wall also marked the beginning of the end of the
House that le Carre Built, a structure which this effort not only
demolishes completely, but then buries it and kung fu dances on its grave.
I mean really, it may be eye-catching, noirish cinema, but if you're
sending a spy in to do shadowy spy stuff in dull and grimy East Berlin then
it's probably not a good idea to dress her glamorously and top her off with
a shock of platinum blonde hair. George Smiley would smile crookedly and
send her to Records Department. 

And I do wonder how much Big Tobacco contributed to this effort.
Theron reprised her stony faced Mad Max personna to effect and nearly held
the raft together. The rest were stereotypes.  

If you like choreographed, extended, repetitious & predictable fight
scenes, or want to revisit late 80's music (shudder), then there's
something here for you. For me it was somewhere between 30 and 120 minutes
too long.